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Our mission


Welcome to STEAM Academy, the brainchild of teachers and practitioners who are passionate about project-based and collaborative learning, problem-solving and process-driven outcomes.


STEAM Academy prepares students for the New Ways of Working defined in the EU2020 strategy which aims to improve quality of work,  learning and productivity through social innovation. Our current face-time culture is being replaced by an inherently social process, based on trust and results which focuses on the building of skills and competence through open dialogue and creative collaboration. The ideas-driven, critical thinking and creating inherent to STEAM Academy learning is a natural starting point to foster innovation.


Several years of pedagogical experience in STEAM subjects, STEAM Academy's tried and tested Schemes of Work, passion for learning and excellent relationships with learners of all ages has created an environment in which new models of discovery can be nurtured. 


By believing in each individual’s unique set of gifts, we encourage learners to develop a deep fascination for the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and to nurture the critical thinking needed to channel ethical decision-making. 


We strive to provide learners with the best possible STEAM experiences within and outside schools, universities and the workplace, not only along the Lac Leman region but nationally and internationally.


Our projects have been carefully designed to support a number of different curricula, making STEAM Academy an ideal destination to nurture sustainability and supplement traditional learning.



STEAM Academy Values


Head, heart & hand


Critical thinking - Ethics

Process-driven approaches

Peer reflection, dialogue, ideas

Innovation and entrepreneurship



I am Anna Sikora and a long-time proponent of STEAM learning having been teaching in this capacity at secondary and university levels for a number of years. I am passionate about curriculum development and providing individuals with opportunities to learn in meaningful and relevant ways.

STEAM Academy, will enable you to explore scientific, mathematical, artistic and ethical principles through your ideas and process-driven journeys. This way of thinking inevitably leads to the creation of original or innovative outcomes. Visit STEAM Academy and have fun exploring concepts with other like-minded individuals. 


I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you.

Anna Sikora, a qualified and fully registered Computer Science, Music, TESOL teacher and practitioner.