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Calendar & General Information

Trimestre 1a Co-curricular Course Overview

7 week courses starting September 2020

15:30 to 17:20


Discoverer Mondays: The Fascination of Crystals

Discoverer Tuesdays: Stop Motion Animation I

Discoverer Wednesdays: Treasure Hunt Creator

Discoverer Thursdays: Forensic Hunt I

Discoverer Fridays: Graphics I


17:30 to 19:20


Explorer Mondays: Stop Motion Animation II

Explorer Tuesdays: Fibonacci, Tesselations and Fractals

Explorer Wed: Debating: The Art of Speaking and Listening

Explorer Thursdays:  Data Viz Coding I

Explorer Fridays: Doll-making I


19:30 to 21:20


Innovator Mondays: Build an Online Business Presence

Innovator Tuesdays: Presentations and Graphics

Innovator Wednesdays: Coding I

Innovator Thursdays: Advanced Spreadsheeting

Innovator Fridays: Printing to Fabric



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Trimestre 1b Co-curricular Course Overview

9 week courses starting October 2020

15:30 to 17:20


Discoverer Mondays: STEAMville Town Planner

Discoverer Mondays: The Fascination of Crystals

Discoverer Tuesdays: Robotics I

Discoverer Wednesdays: Programming I

Discoverer Thursdays: Gears, gears and more gears

Discoverer Saturdays: Made with Light I


17:30 to 19:20


Explorer Mondays: Renewable Energy

Explorer Tuesdays: Amusement Park

Explorer Wednesdays: Robotics II

Explorer Thursdays:  Made with Light II

Explorer Fridays: Made with Code 


19:30 to 21:20


Innovator Mondays: Build an Online Business Presence

Innovator Tuesdays: Interactive Javascript

Innovator Wednesdays: HTML, CSS & Javascript

Innovator Thursdays: Games Development

Innovator Fridays: Graphics for Fabric & Wearable Art


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Book a STEAM Academy Course

EXTRA Courses

Class start and end dates are organised to fit within the school academic calendar.

After Winter Camp, 5 week courses have been scheduled. 

After the Easter break, courses with longer project requirements run for 10 weeks.

A different activity is held every day for learners who attend daily.

Discoverers (ages 7 - 11) have classes scheduled for 15:30 to 17:20 Mondays to Fridays.

Explorers (ages 12 - 14) have classes scheduled for 17:30 to 19:20 Mondays to Fridays.

Innovators / Adults (ages 15+) have classes scheduled for 19:30 to 21:20 Mondays to Fridays.

Book a STEAM Academy Camp


Due to Covd-19 camps are currently suspended.


 Camps run Monday to Friday 8 hours a day for a period of 1 week.


Each camp is organised around a specific STEAM theme which ranges from


Programming, Robotics & Devices, Construction, Graphics or Wearable Fashion.

Outdoor activities are included.


The fee includes instruction, a journal, an ePortfolio, and healthy food and drink.


Study online with accredited and experienced teachers.

From ages 7 to 19

Primary - Ages 7 to 10

Intermediate - Ages 11 to 16

External Examination - Aged 17+

STEAM Academy Learners learn in a -

  • rigorous

  • engaged

  • authentic 

learning environment.

Students of all ages will maintain ePortfolios as evidence of their work.

STEAM Academy learnng conversations


Instructors are fully qualified practising teachers who hold masters and postgraduate degrees in Computer Science, the Sciences, Literacy, the Humanities and the Arts. They also hold teaching certificates and are registered on teaching registrars in their home countries and hold certificates for the cantons of Geneva and Vaud in Switzerland. In addition, full police and security checks are current and are regularly updated. 


All teachers have proven and demonstrated experience of live, face to face teaching online. They inspire by using small collaborative channels and a varity of platforms and apps to maintain pace, variety, curiosity and interest!

Teachers have also demonstrated examination competencies i.e. preparation of students for external examination and high pass rates.

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