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  • Anna Sikora

A case for engineering, robotics, programming and simple STEAM fun!

Learners were asked to design a mobile model from a STEAMKit, the contents of which are in the photograph below. In addition to the contents of the pack, participants were allowed to use a hot glue gun, tape, toilet tube rolls or water bottle plastic caps.

In this photo is an example of two different types of simple machine submissions - one a three-wheel chariot and the other a 4 wheel carriage.

The designer of the chariot, much like a Volkswagon, decided to have its 'engine' at the back of the chariot. Two extended arms framed the robot and a piece of string held the robot in place.

The 4 wheeled carriage was made of bottle caps connected with the bamboo skewers that acted as axles. These axles went right through the very centre of the wheels which helped them to stay in place. As the wheels turned, the forces on the axle increased, allowing the carriage to move forward. The r'engine' sat neatly inside a popsicle stick 'cage'.

After a few lessons learning how to program robots so that they could be manoeuvred, (as distinct from being 'remote controlled'), the challenge to pop an opponent's balloon began.

Each kind of simple machine exhibited advantages and disadvantages which became more and more apparent as each round progressed in our culminating 'Battle of the Bots'.

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