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  • Anna Sikora

Interacting with the plants

Another fascinating presentation at the GoodFestival, the Music of the Plants, showed us that we can listen to and learn to interact with our plants. These researchers have discovered that each plant has its own personal sensitivity and that its frequency emissions change when it comes into contact with human beings.

How did they do this? They translated the plants’ energy fields (vibrations) and the signals they emit at the bio-chemical level into musical pitches.

Aninga told us that this research is an extension on research which started 30 years ago on plant blindness, which refers to our inability to recognise the importance of plants in the biosphere and in human affairs. Also our inability to appreciate the aesthetic and unique biological features of plant life. I recall conducting similar experiments myself at university where we placed plants into different rooms and played different types of music to observe the differing responses of plants, hence my intrique.

Here is a video-clip of the plant “singing” to a group of young students.

I noted that when there was calm, the plant vibrated or “sang” with a quiet meditative “tone”, but when there was noise or a babble of confusion, the plant stopped vibrating and went silent. Aninga told us that tearing a leaf causes the plant song to instantly change to a high-pitched series of sounds.

Fascinating research; how well do you look after your plants…

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