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  • Anna Sikora

The Parents & Preschoolers Programme

The theme for preschoolers in March is developing Spatial Awareness.

Mums and Dads join us with your preschoolers to meet other parents for some conversations on learning over coffee.

Children’s spatial awareness development is dependent on their exposure to concepts like location, distance, speed and placement i.e. over, under, in or out, left or right. This is a complex cognitive skill that children develop at an early age. It involves understanding of the relationship of oneself and objects in a space and when there is a change of position.

A child with poor spatial awareness has difficulty writing or often finds mathematics hard, especially where shapes, areas, volume and space is involved. They will have problems reproducing patterns, sequences and shapes.

STEAM Academy has developed a course to help develop a child’s overall perception via a multisensory approach.

Come and join us for some STEAM fun!

To book, visit the Parents & Preschoolers courses page.

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